October 31, 2023

Hk Pools A great way to escape Hong Kong’s scorching summer heat is taking a dip into one of its amazing pools. Ranging from toddler-friendly splash zones and mini water parks all the way through to luxurious five-star hotel water parks, there’s something suitable for every type of swimmer and budget in these incredible waters – including splashy play zones for toddlers! Swimming provides excellent exercise both physically and mentally: stress relief, increased metabolism and depression relief are just a few benefits you’ll reap when participating. Plus it’s great fun; everyone can participate together!

Ocean Park’s WET water park, designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, features an amazing pirate ship complete with water cannons and many fountains and games as well as an epic waterslide perfect for teens and older kids. There’s also an indoor main pool as well as outdoor leisure pools perfect for families! Plus you can purchase an access pass so non-guests can also visit.

Kennedy Town’s public swimming pool provides another fantastic option with both indoor and outdoor pools! Their indoor pool has heating systems for colder days while their outdoor pool makes a perfect place for sun worshipers to soak up some vitamin D! Adding to its appeal, there’s even a jacuzzi on site providing adults and children alike the chance to unwind after a busy day in the sun!

Ma On Shan is another fantastic option for water slide enthusiasts! Boasting four giant slides, Ma On Shan offers the ideal place for kids of all ages to spend a fun-filled day learning through water-related adventures! Not to mention their three leisure pools, round stepping pool, teaching, diving and Olympic pools-there truly is something for everyone here!

Tsing Yi Swimming Pool is another fantastic spot, ideal for both families and individuals alike. Boasting an impressive lineup that includes a large main pool, two teaching pools, an outdoor leisure pool and one designed exclusively for toddlers – you can even bring along your canine! Plus it’s conveniently close to public transit so getting here shouldn’t be any difficulty at all!