Hong Kong Pools With Views

Summer in Hong Kong brings hot temperatures, overcrowded beaches and thick smog that makes you breathe through your mouth. A refreshing dip in the pool will not only cool you off but will also provide your muscles with some much-needed stretching time – not to mention it being great exercise and an engaging way of spending quality time with family or loved ones! With its breathtaking city skyline and tranquil Victoria Harbour waters as backdrops, Hong Kong pools that provide views are definitely worth experiencing first-hand!

From luxury serviced apartment hotels to hip boutique properties, Hong Kong pools boast breathtaking views and are perfect for relaxing days out. Soak up some sun while swimming laps or simply unwind with cocktails and tasty snacks; whatever it may be you will surely feel refreshed and revitalized afterwards!

Kerry Hotel’s rooftop pool will make you feel like royalty with its elegant infinity pool that looks out onto Victoria Harbour and features a spacious deck for lounging around and tanning. Surrounded by tropical plants for an island ambience, once finished swimming you can head over to Red Sugar Terrace Bar for drinks and refreshments!

W Hong Kong boasts one of the world’s highest hotel pools on its 76th-floor of the World Trade Center, boasting breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s skyline and Victoria Harbour from every vantage point imaginable. Plus, their elegant pool area features an Instagram-worthy mosaic wall for taking photographs!

Tai Po Swimming Pool stands out as one of the premier public pools for its extensive array of water slides, boasting one of the widest selections among all government-owned pools. Packed during weekday and weekend swimming sessions when temperatures rise, especially if you plan to use its slides! Plan to arrive early if this feature is important to your swimming experience.

Tai Po Swimming Pool features an outdoor 25-metre pool that’s perfect for lap swimming and relaxing with family and friends. Their large deck provides ample opportunity to kick back with cocktails, delicious snacks or sushi bites! Bring along the family and take advantage of its fantastic scenery while cooling waters; sign up as a pool membership to get discounted rates and other perks – you can find more details on their website!

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