The HK Prize and the HK Prize Arts and Science Awards

hk prize

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The Hong Kong Prize is an acclaimed award that celebrates individuals who embody humanity through humanitarian deeds that enhance our collective future. Established in 2007, this merit-based prize has awarded more than 90 winners since 2007, from using technology to aid homeless people to artists interpreting human rights issues into fine art concepts. Open to researchers worldwide without sponsorship or special committee influence, its logo and trophy conferred to winners represent two precious items – pearl and jade amulets with positive connotations in both Eastern and Western cultures.

In addition to its monetary value, the Hong Kong Prize offers researchers international exposure and provides them with a platform for collaboration among researchers from different backgrounds. Winners can expect invitations to seminars and research internships at some of Hong Kong’s premier research institutions – giving them insight into cutting-edge scientific work being carried out there! Many previous winners have even gone on to receive Nobel Prizes!

This prize is offered by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and open to Fellows who have conducted research that has direct clinical application or implications for healthcare delivery. Applicants may submit work from any specialty of medicine; provided it has not been published prior to 1 January 2021.

Candidates for this award must be Fellows of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and possess published research. For consideration, research must demonstrate clear clinical relevance as well as exceptional creativity and originality in its design and methodology. Furthermore, this award seeks to raise the importance of medical research in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Arts Prize gives students a platform to demonstrate their talents across disciplines such as music, dance and visual art. Participation is open to all secondary school students enrolled within Hong Kong; teachers may nominate up to 10 of their pupils for consideration in this competition. Winning artists will receive cash awards of HK$8,000 while their schools will be honored with an equal sum – winning artists receiving individual cash awards of HK$800 while winning schools being granted an award of HK$20,000 will be honored with cash awards of their own worth HK$2020 each!

The Hong Kong Film Awards is an annual ceremony honoring Hong Kong cinema. A panel of judges selects winners each year; this year saw Xiao Zhu win best actress for To My Nineteen Year Old Self and Jackson Yee and Zhou Dongyu receiving actor awards while Derek Tsang received recognition as director for Better Days, her China-set bullying drama that garnered much praise from audiences worldwide.

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