January 19, 2024

The Data Sdy (or Data Sys) is a database that contains updates regarding the status of the CDC’s Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Registry, an archive that compiles information on infants and children who die suddenly and unexpectedly, to aid researchers and healthcare providers understand cause/risk factors behind such deaths and improve prevention efforts; additionally it offers valuable insight for families and healthcare providers.

SUID Case Registry, in addition to data sdy, is utilized by the CDC and its partners for improving prevention of sudden unexplained infant death syndrome (SUID). Part of NIH funded and led by CDC SUID Prevention Program with 12 sites working collaboratively in collecting and analyzing incidence and cause data on sudden unexplained infant deaths syndrome (SUID).

The data sdy is freely accessible online in multiple formats, including Excel, XML and JSON. Furthermore, its web interface enables users to view and download data. Customization options allow for personalized formatting and layout preferences; additionally a search function helps facilitate finding specific information quickly.

Though not as comprehensive as SUID Case Registry, the Substance Use Injuries Database offers valuable data for health professionals and researchers. Its particular strength lies in providing insight into SUID causes and risk factors not easily discernible through other sources of health information. Likewise, this tool can also help identify any gaps in healthcare services provided to individuals living with SUID.

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