What is a Singapore Prize?

Singapore prizes are given as awards or recognition to individuals for performing extraordinary acts, such as winning a lottery jackpot. Prize amounts often encompass significant sums that can be put towards various needs; chances of winning prizes in Singapore Sweep draws are one in eleven; you can use a lottery prize calculator to calculate them; winners are announced after drawing ceremonies held by Singapore Pools as part of their network; they can then collect their prizes at one of these shops.

The NUS Singapore History Prize, launched to commemorate Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence, is an inaugural award dedicated exclusively to Singapore’s past. It was inspired by an article written by Professor Kishore Mahbubani, dean of NUS’ history department and director of its Asia Research Institute, in which he asserted that nations are imagined communities held together through shared narratives pertaining to their pasts.

Mahbubani asked writers to submit their best works on this subject, sparking the concept of a prize. A nominating committee composed of five members was formed and charged with selecting a final winner to be revealed at Temasek Foundation’s October 2021 Awards Gala; their recipient will receive a certificate, gold medallion and cash award of S$300,000.

This year’s theme for COVID-19 pandemic literature awards was “resonance,” with an emphasis on how literature can trigger emotions and memories in its readers. This contrasted to last year’s focus on how individuals responded to current circumstances – an especially timely issue given COVID-19 pandemic pandemic outbreaks such as COVID-19 pandemic. Clara Chow is the first writer in program’s history nominated in three categories and two languages simultaneously.

At an impressive awards ceremony hosted by actors Hannah Waddingham and Sterling K. Brown, with performances by bands One Republic and Bastille; former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also attended as she serves on Earthshot’s board as trustee.

Selected shortlist members were chosen by a jury comprised of historians, academics, and others with strong expertise in the field. This panel will seek work that is original while meeting all standards of literary and research integrity.

Singapore Literature Prize has celebrated 30 years and annually recognizes outstanding works by authors writing in either English or Chinese and across a broad range of genres. Applications were submitted until September’s end for consideration, with results announced in November. Dr Ngai Wen Lin served as chairperson of this year’s judging committee; other judges include Prof John Miksic, Prof Tan Tai Yong and Dr Lam San Ling as members.

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